Online Casino Software

Let me ask you a question.

Do you think a casino’s software can make or break your gaming experience?


Want to know what I think?

It sure can.

A casino’s software will impact the games you play, how well they function and the platforms they’re compatible with.

They make such a big difference that players have their favorites. Join any major casino forum and you’ll see what I mean. There are players that are loyal to Microgaming, Rival or Real Time Gaming. They can tell you, by heart, what games are offered, the stakes, payouts and odds.

And because they’re so different, it makes sense to learn more about each, what they have to offer, and what casinos they power. From here you can review casinos and choose the best one according to the games, deposit / banking methods and promotions you want.

This page was created to help you get started with that. Read on to learn more about casino software, and how to choose the best software/casino combo.

Software Companies That Create Games For Americans

Below is a list of software providers that power US accepting casinos. The links go to pages that review each provider in more detail.

Real Time Gaming – They’re the most popular software provider for Americans. Real Time Gaming is known for a well-rounded selection of games, their blackjack and video poker variations, and for having large deposit bonuses. Some of the largest gaming companies use RTG. One example is Bovada.

Top Game – The selection at Top Game casinos are weighted towards slots. They have more than 80 games to choose from, with only a handful of options for table and video poker game players. If you want to play blackjack, pai gow or video poker, you’re better off at a RTG or Rival casino.

Rival – Like Real Time Gaming, Rival powered casinos have a good variety of slots, video poker and table games. However, what they’re known most for are their i-Slots. The ‘i’ stands for interactive. These games have storylines that change based on the decisions the player makes.

Betsoft Gaming – This is the most unique company of the bunch. All of their games are in 3D, giving you a video-game-slash-Pixar-like vibe. I recommend visiting their site, and testing out their games. The Slot Father and Under the Bed 3D slots were my favorite.

Software Recommendations

So, which casino software should you choose?

It depends. What games do you want to play? What platform are you using? What types of promotions are you looking for?

Here are some recommendations based on specific player types:

  • Want a large deposit bonus? Then join a Real Time Gaming casino.
  • Want to play mobile casino games? Then join Bovada (RTG) or Drake Casino (Betsoft).
  • Want to play 3D / interactive slots / games? Then join a Rival or Betsoft casino.
  • Want to play different blackjack or video poker games? Then join a RTG casino.
  • Want to play poker or bet on sports? Then Bovada (RTG) or Team Bet (Betsoft) are good options.


If you still cannot decide, I recommend joining a casino that runs on each software provider for free.

Casino Software FAQs

We receive lots of questions regarding online casinos, their software and games. Our replies to the most common questions are below.

You can also learn more about our recommended casinos by visiting our review page.

Do software companies run online casinos?

Some might, but they’re more the exception than the rule.

What software providers do is lease out their software to casino operators. At the most basic they just give them a platform to run their games and backend from. But some software companies go beyond this, and assist with marketing, setting up payment options, marketing plans, affiliate software and customer support.

Should I choose a casino based on their software?

Yes and no.

The reason I go both ways is because the software will impact what games you play, the payouts, deposit options and compatibility.

However, once you choose what software / casinos you like, you need to go through each of them and weed out the bad ones. Eliminate the casinos that have a bad reputation, that cheat players, or don’t pay them their winnings.

So don’t just choose a casino on software alone.

Why do some casinos have movie or TV show slots and others don’t?

It comes down to licensing. That’s why you see Microgaming casinos with Iron Man or Hulk slots, while others (especially in the USA) only offer slots with generic themes.

Should I play at multiple casinos that use the same software?

Yes, for a couple of reasons.

1) You should diversify your bankroll. Just make sure it’s to casinos that are owned by 2+ different companies.

2) If you want to take advantage of more than one deposit bonus.

Are there any differences between casinos that use the same software?


One difference is the deposit bonus. Most casinos offer something unique. A good example is any casino that uses Real Time Gaming.

Another difference is the games offered. There are casinos that offer games from multiple software providers. In fact, Rival allows operators to offer one game at a time (a la carte). Other casinos, like Bovada, also offer options like poker or sportsbetting.

And there are differences in how each casino/company operates. Some casinos are honest and pay their players. Then there are others that cheat players and take months to pay them, if they pay them at all.

That’s why it’s important to read reviews before joining a casino.