Online Casino Reviews

How do you choose an online casino to join? There are so many of them.

Even worse, most casinos are the same. They use the same software, and offer the same games and payouts. The only difference is the theme of the casino and their deposit bonus.

So, what makes a casino unique? What makes them worth joining?

Often it’s the company that runs them. For example, two companies can be identical in every way, but one will make themselves stand out by paying players within days, while their competitors takes weeks or months to pay their players.

Or another common scenario; one casino upholds their deposit bonus terms and conditions, even when their players get lucky and win big. The other casino tries to find loopholes, or retroactively changes their terms, so that they don’t have to pay their player the bonus money or the money they won.

Those are the types of things we look for. At least in the beginning. Because all things being equal, I’d rather join a casino that is honest and good to their players, versus a casino that is big, flashy, and looking to make the quick buck, without a seconds thought about screwing you over to make it.

From there we look at other points of differences, such as mobile apps, deposit options and unique game variations. But it always starts with reputation and trust. Only then are the casinos worth reviewing and recommending to our readers.

Casinos We Reviewed

What we have here are 5 casinos that we’ve reviewed. We recommend that you read each one with an idea as to what you’re looking for in terms of software, games and banking options. Then choose the casino that suits you best.

Bovada – A good option for players that want a balanced selection of casino games to play, along with the option to play poker and bet on sports, too. They’re also the only casino on this list with a mobile app.

Begado – Begado is a good option for slots players. And they have the largest deposit bonus on this list ($10,000). The downsides? No mobile app, and few deposit options.

Onbling – Where Onbling Casino stands out is their deposit bonus. They give you a 200% match offer up to $2,000 – twice – letting you clear the first before moving on to the second. This gives you a chance to withdraw some winnings (if you want to).

Loco Panda – Loco Panda also stands out with their deposit bonus. They have the largest match (400%), giving you $4 for every $1 you deposit. Loco Panda has a good selection of games, too.

Grand Parker – Grand Parker is owned by the same company that owns/runs Loco Panda. They have 2 deposit bonuses; one for slots players and the other for blackjack players. Their blackjack bonus is the best of the bunch; they’re offering to match players 125% up to $1,000, over 4 deposits. This gives you the opportunity to earn as much as $5,000 – free!


Here are some suggestions for what casino to choose based on their strengths/weaknesses.

  • For mobile casino games we recommend Bovada.
  • For players with large bankrolls we recommend Begado.
  • For players on a budget we recommend Loco Panda.
  • We recommend Grand Parker for blackjack players.
  • We recommend Onbling for the general casino goer.


Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need more guidance.

How to Choose the Best Casino

The funny thing is, best is a relative term. Meaning, you and I might like different games, or need to use different deposit options. So the best casino for you could be different than the best casino for me.

That’s why in the last section I recommend having an idea of what you want in a casino. It will make choosing the best one much easier.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, here are some points to consider.

Deposit Options – There are few options available for US players. So, first thing, you want to make sure the casino has an option you can use, or quickly get access to. Then you want to make sure you can meet their deposit/withdrawal limits. Following that, I suggest finding a casino with 1 or 2 additional options that you can use for backup.

Game Selection – Game selection is important for table game players. (Slots players are never without options because they give the casino the highest margins). You need to ask yourself, what games do I want to play? Do I want to play lots of blackjack? What about video poker or live dealer roulette? Some games are only available at specific casinos.

Compatibility – Does the casino have a download (for Windows)? Do they have an instant play (no download) version for Macs / Linux? Beware that some casinos are only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Mobile – Everyone has a phone. Most people have tablets, too. And yet, only 1 casino on our list has a mobile app. For now Bovada is your best choice. Carbon and Drake Casino are your second and third.