New Real Money Casinos

New online casinos launch all the time. They take much less time and money to start compared to brick and mortar establishments, considering they don’t need the building (or permits), equipment, security, or as many employees.

Sometimes that’s a good thing. Other times, not so much.

The thing is, new casinos are often overhyped. They buy tons of advertising, highlight their large bonuses, and how they have the biggest guaranteed tournaments on earth.

Then a few months later the majority of them fade away, never to be seen or heard of again.

Few casinos stick around and continue to be a source of entertainment for players.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find those rare few. That means learning how to find and weed out the bad casino, and how to properly manage your risk to avoid getting burnt (and losing your entire bankroll in the process).

My goal is to help you with that now.

A Guide to New Online Casinos

Let us start with the pros and cons of new casinos.

New Casino Pros

There are several reasons why you might join a brand new casino.

Promotions – Often new casinos will try to gain traction through their promotions. They will offer a large deposit bonus, which is so far from the industry norm. They follow that up with VIP programs, cash back offers, and as many reload deposit bonuses as you can handle.

Tournament Overlays – If the casino has a poker section with guaranteed tournaments, they will likely have overlays.

An overlay is a tournament that fails to meet the guaranteed prize pool because too few players signed up. So, the poker room / casino makes up the difference. Overlays are a good thing because you have the same prize pool, but fewer players fighting for it.

New Experience – With a new casino you get to enjoy a new experience, be it a different theme or spin on your favorite games. Think of each casino on the Las Vegas strip – each are different in their own way, despite sharing all of the same games.

New Casino Cons

There are reasons why new casinos suck, too:

Growing Pains – New casinos are often not equipped to handle the onslaught of requests, complaints, feedback, etc. This can delay support requests.

MVP – Many casinos launch with a minimum viable product. This means fewer games, rougher graphics, fewer promos, and incompatible platforms (such as mobile apps).

Skins – Many casinos are skins. I explain what these are below. The downside to these is that they bring nothing new to the table, while still being riskier than established casinos.

No Money – This is where the low start-up costs bite new casino owners in the butt. Many of them are not businessmen, and have no idea how to manage their business or cash flow. So you see many of them struggle a couple of months into their ventures, evident by their weeks/months long delays in processing cash outs. And sometimes that’s why still offering huge bonuses (because, after all, they still need to get new players in the door).

How Do You Tell a Good (New) Casino From a Bad One?

Unfortunately, that’s difficult to do, even for us. It takes time to see how well or poorly a business will do – it’s not something you can forecast in their first couple of weeks.

There are a couple of indicators though.

  • One, is the casino licensed, regulated and audited? This is a (small) barrier to entry.
  • Are they located in the United States, or is this an offshore casino? United States casinos are far and away better bets than new offshore casinos.
  • Do they have any previous history? Check forums to see if they own, or have owned other casinos, poker sits or non-gambling companies in the past. How well have they done? Did they screw over players there?


At the end of the day it’s going to come down to time and experience. Networking with other casino players is another way to get up-to-date details on how well a casino is doing.

How to Minimize Your Risks at New Casinos

Even though it can be hard to tell which casino is good or bad, that doesn’t mean you need to go broke finding out. Just minimize your risks.

One way to do this is to deposit a smaller amount that you can afford to lose. You obviously won’t take full advantage of whatever deposit bonus they’re offering, but if that’s what you’re after, you’re better off playing at a legit (proven) casino. After all, it doesn’t matter if you theoretically take advantage of the full deposit bonus anyway, if the casino isn’t legit and fails to pay you back.

Another option is to let the pawns (other casino players) go first, and wait for them to report their experiences.

A Brief Overview of Casino (Network) Skins

I mentioned casino skins a couple of times earlier. I want to explain what these are and how they work. It’s important.

A network is a company that has casino software to ‘franchise’ out to other wannabe casino operators. This includes the software, but may or may not include marketing, banking, loyalty and other stuff it takes to run a business online. Sometimes, networks even run their own casinos.

The whole idea is to offer a casino in the box to others for a monthly/yearly fee.

This will affect you in that many new online casinos you come across will be skins. This doesn’t mean that they’re good, nor does it mean they’re bad. But often times what it will mean is that you’ve already played at this casino before, just branded under a different name and logo.

I point this out because there’s no sense in risking the safety of your money or information if you’re not gaining anything from it, such as a new experience or trying a new game. (And no, the deposit bonus isn’t reason enough).

You can find out whether or not a new casino is a skin by checking their footer (for a network logo), their about page, or just by looking at their software and recognizing it from another casino you’ve played at in the past.