iPhone / iPad / iOS Casinos for Money

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re at your laptop, logged into your favorite casino. Your plan is to spend the entire afternoon deciding whether to stand, hit, split or double down. Today is going to be good day.

During the second hand you realize that you need to leave.

Defeated, you log out of the casino, and shut down your computer.

But I have good news for you. No longer do we have to concede; throw away afternoons of blackjack bliss because our casino software is anchored to our computers.

Get the next best thing – a real money blackjack app, compatible with your iPhone or iPad.

You can learn more about these apps below. But if you’re ready to get started now, choose a recommended casino from our list below, and go and get yourself signed up.

You can thank us later.

We Answer 9 Gambling Questions From iOS Owners

1. What casino games can you play (for real money) on the iPhone / iPad?

That depends on the casino.

Most casinos offer 5-10 games. The majority are slots, followed by a small selection of blackjack, roulette, craps and video poker games.

That’s the type of selection you can expect from Bovada.

However, at Carbon Casino their selection is more robust. They offer games like 3-card poker, Caribbean stud, and multiple variations of blackjack and video poker.

So, what I recommend doing is reading our reviews to find out which casinos have the games you want to play, and start your search there.

2. What about live dealer games?

Mobile live dealer games are not available in the US – yet. But because sites like Party Poker and 888 offers them to international players, there’s no reason not to expect them in the near future.

3. Which is better for mobile gambling – the iPad or iPhone?

That comes down to preference. The same games are available on both platforms, so you don’t need to factor that into your decision.

Me? I prefer playing games on my tablet. I like the bigger screen so that you can enjoy the graphics and animation. I’m less likely to hit the wrong buttons, too.

But let me ask you this – why not both? Play on your tablet from home, and use your phone for playing blackjack while traveling.

4. How do I find the best iPhone / iPad casino?

I take the same approach as when I’m finding a new web-based casino to join.

  • Ensure the casino is legit. Are they licensed? Do they have a good reputation?
  • Do they accept deposit methods you use or can get access to? Do their min/max deposit limits work for you?
  • Do they have the games you want to play?
  • Do you like their software?
  • Are they offering a large / small enough bonus? Can you play your chosen games to earn that bonus?


Then choose the casino that best fits your criteria.

5. Are there any downsides to mobile casinos?

A couple.

  • A lack of game (variety) compared to their web software.
  • Screen size (especially on phones). Who wants to squint while playing roulette or to see what cards they have playing blackjack?
  • Compatibility. Many casinos still do not have apps for mobile devices, and those that do tend to neglect Windows and BlackBerry users.


6. Is mobile gambling safe?

Yes. Mobile casinos’ software use the same encryption technology to encode your private details. You have nothing to fear here.

To increase your safety, I recommend playing on secured networks. Never save your password to your phone, and be sure to change it often. You should also make your deposits from home, if possible.

7. What stakes can you play?

That depends on the casino. But they should be identical to their desktop versions.

Take Bovada, for example; you can play their table games for $1-$500, slots for .01-$5 (per line) and video poker for .05-$5.

8. Can I gamble on my phone for real money?

Yes. This will depend on where you live though, since some casinos will block states that have clearly made online gambling illegal.

In other states, like New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware, you can only play at their (legal) casinos if you’re within state lines.

9. Is mobile gambling legal?

Again, that depends on what state you live in.

If you live in Washington state, then no. It’s a felony to gamble online here, regardless if you’re on your desktop or iPad.

And in states like New Jersey or Nevada, you can play from any device as long as you’re in the state.

For all other states, it depends on their laws and whether or not offshore operators choose to accept players from that state. Chances are that it won’t be illegal to play, but only for the casinos (and their 3rd part processors) to process payments.

Overall, though, we’ve not heard of anyone being arrested for gambling online, legal or not.