Blackberry Casinos for Real Money

Are you a BlackBerry owner? Then prepare for a double whammy.

Whammy number one. Few casinos create apps for BlackBerry phones and tablets, leaving players with few options for where to play.

Whammy number two. Even fewer of these casinos accept Americans.

Let that sink in for a minute. Done?

Right about now I bet you’re wishing that you listened to that freckled face punk at Best Buy, and went with the iPhone 5 or Galaxy 2 instead.

But wait – don’t chuck your phone out just yet. You do have options. Read our details below to see if one will work for you. If not, then feel free to chuck your phone out – preferably from the highest building you can find.

BlackBerry Casinos: Getting Started, Alternatives, Safety, And More

Ok – this first part is aimed at BlackBerry users that want to find an app. Here are the steps you need to take.

Find a casino. This is damn near done for you, given how few options you have. I recommend reading the reviews of our top picks above. Choose the casino that has the (most) games you want to play.

Download the app. The next step is to visit the casino and download the app. This will be faster if you visit the casino from the device you plan to play on. You’ll automatically be taken to the mobile page from where you’ll be able to download the app, or be redirected to the app store. If you are on your computer, you can also scan the QR code if it’s available.

Sign up. Before you can play (at most casinos) you’ll need to create an account. This consists of creating a screen name, password, adding your email, phone number, address, name, and more. I recommend doing this from your computer, or tablet, if you have a keyboard. Only do this from your phone if you have dainty fingers, and not sausage fingers like I do.

Make a deposit. Choose a method, such as Visa, MasterCard, wire or money transfer. Enter your details, how much you want to deposit, and hit submit. Try not to do this in public to reduce the chances of someone stealing your information.

Choose a game. What’s available will depend on where you sign up. Carbon Casino has the most options for Americans. Bovada would be my next pick.

That’s all there is to it. But what do you do if there’s no app to download?

No Compatible App? What You Can Do Instead

In most cases there will not be an app for you to download. But you’re not dead in the water – yet. You have 3 alternatives, some better than others.

‘No Download’ Casinos

One alternative is a no download casino, also referred to as an instant play or browser casino. Instead of downloading software (or an app), you can play the casino’s games from your browser.

This is the best option, if you have a compatible device.

The problem is that most BlackBerry devices do not support Flash or Java, the programs online casinos use for their games.

However, if you have the Playbook, both Flash and HTML 5 are supported. You shouldn’t have a problem playing from your browser.

Remote Desktop

Another option is to download and use a remote desktop app.

A remote desktop (app) will allow you to use (control) your Mac or Windows computer using your phone or tablet. Using this option you (theoretically) can use the download or no download options – whichever you want.

This can be a more expensive option. I suggest asking in forums first to make sure this is a viable option. You will also want to make sure that the app is compatible with your device. For example, this link takes you to an app compatible only with BlackBerry’s new Open operating system.

But if you can find one that works, $40 is much cheaper than a new phone or tablet.

Free Casino Apps

Your last option is to go with an app from AppWorld. A word of caution though – none of these (unless from a casino) will let you play for real money.

That said, here are a couple of suggestions.

  • Texas Holdem King (Free)
  • Slots King (Free)
  • Blackjack King (Free)


Just do a search, and chances are that you’ll find something fun – and often it will be free. There are hundreds of casino related apps waiting for you to download.

Blackberry, Online Casinos & Your Safety

One concern that mobile players have is safety – and rightfully so. In this day and age it is so easy to have your identity or credit card information stolen. It happens often. Even though banks offer protection against it, having your details stolen will give you months and possibly years of problems.

That said, you have nothing to worry about with online casinos. They use similar (if not the same) technology that they use for their web based casinos. So your information is encrypted aka kept private and secure from hackers.

From there it’s up to you. I recommend using complicated passwords (and don’t have them saved on your phone), and changing them often. If you play in public, then try to avoid entering sensitive information, like your name, address or banking details. Last, make sure you play on a secured network.