Real Money Mobile Casinos

Want to know if there is a casino compatible with your device? What games you can play? Can you play from your phone or tablet at all?

The following pages should answer those questions for you.

Android Casinos – Do you use an Android? Then this page is for you. Learn what casinos accept US players and have apps, what games you can play, and alternatives in case your favorite casino isn’t compatible with your device.

iPad / iPhone Casinos – This page is for Apple fan boys and girls. We show you the top US casinos that have apps for iOS. Find out what games you can play, what the costs are, and what your alternatives are.

Blackberry Casinos – Blackberry users have fewer options. Read this page to learn what those options are, and if you should hold any hope out for an app in the near future.

Windows Casinos – Similar to the Blackberry, few casinos have apps for Windows’ devices. This page will explain what your options are, your alternatives, and whether or not you can expect an app in the future.

Questions & Answers About Mobile US Casinos

What casino games can you play on your phone or tablet?

It depends on the casino. Technically speaking, you can play them all. But few casinos offer more than a handful of games, especially those that accept US players.

The majority of games offered will comprise of slots. That shouldn’t be a surprise though. Half to two-thirds of any casino’s game selection will be slots, mobile, desktop or otherwise.

The remaining games will be blackjack, roulette, craps or maybe video poker.

The bright side is that mobile is only gaining in popularity. So I would expect casinos to add more games to their selection as time goes on. The alternative is to play web-based casino games for the time being.

Are (mobile) casinos legal?

The rules for web based casinos will apply to mobile casinos, too. In other words, if you live in a state that deems online gambling illegal, it doesn’t matter what device you play from – playing will be illegal (for real money).

That said, you can still sign up and play from most states, regardless of what their laws say. And no one has been arrested for playing games online, that we know of. The choice (and risk) is yours, but chances are good that you can get away with playing a few hands of blackjack online.

How do I choose the best mobile casino?

Similar to finding a web-based casino. In fact, you should start with your favorite web based casinos.

If that’s not an option, I recommend finding a casino that is licensed and regulated.

From there you should choose a casino based on games. Since each mobile casino only offers a couple of games, what you’ll find is that one casino may have blackjack or craps, while another has nothing but slots.

That’s it. From my experience US casinos will offer the same deposit and withdrawal methods. And I don’t recommend choosing a casino based on promotions, such as deposit bonuses.

If you need help, or more details about a casino, then I suggest reading our reviews.

Are there any benefits to mobile casinos (over web casinos)?

A couple, yes.

One benefit to mobile casinos are the exclusive bonuses. Some casinos will offer mobile users different promotions than desktop users, such as a $200 deposit bonus, or $25-$50 in cash. From my experience the promos are smaller, though.

Another (obvious) benefit is being able to play on the go, from anywhere in the world, so long as you have internet access.

Can I play casino games for real money?

Yes, assuming it’s legal for you to play for real money, and that you’re signed up to a mobile casino that accepts real money USA players. If you sign up to a casino we recommend above, that shouldn’t be an issue.

This is an important distinction, because you can sign up and play at most casinos for fake (play) money – but not all will let you play with real money.

What do mobile casinos cost?

Mobile casinos won’t cost you anything, assuming you get your app from an online casino. They let you download their apps for free, knowing that they will make plenty of money from players who choose to play for real money.

However, if you get your app from a non-casino, say the app store, it might cost you a couple of dollars for the download. That’s the only way the developer makes money, though, unless their game runs advertisements.

Keep in mind that you will need internet access and/or a data plan, preferably one with unlimited data. Online gaming can become expensive if you’re playing with a data cap.

Beyond that, mobile casinos will only cost as much as your bankroll will afford. And that’s up to you.