Online Casino Compatibility

Do you want to hear some crazy stats?

  • There are more than 100 different tablets on the market today.
  • There are more than 6 billion active cell phones.
  • There are between 1 and 2 billion computers in the world.


And each one will run on different or upgraded software, operating systems and/or browsers.

This creates a problem for online casinos because their software has to be programmed for a specific device or software. In other words, a download for Windows will not work on Mac. A download for Mac will not work on the iPhone or iPad, even though they’re from the same company.

This can be a source of confusion for us common folk. All we want to do is find a casino, sign up and play. We don’t want to have to figure out what casinos our computers will be compatible with.

So, that’s why we created this page. What we wanted to do is create a source that you can refer to that will tell you what casinos are compatible with what systems and devices, what games are available, and how to get started.

Read on below, and be confused no more.

Casino Compatibility for Personal Computers

Are you a Windows user? Then you won’t have a compatibility problem. I recommend finding a casino based on a different set of criteria, such as specific games, promotions or deposit options.

All others, read on.

Mac Casinos – Find out what casinos have Mac downloads. But believe us, the numbers will shock you. Most don’t offer a download for Apple fan-boys, despite their approx. 10% (and growing) market share. What options do you have? You’ll have to read this page to find out.

No Download Casinos – These are also known as instant, browser or Flash casinos. Like the name implies, no download is needed – you can play directly from your browser. This is a good solution for people that only play 1-2 games, and don’t need the download. But there are limitations. Find out what they are now.

Linux Casinos – Linux is a popular open-source operating system. No casino (especially that accepts Americans) has a Linux download. Not shocking consider that Macs don’t have downloads. Your best option here is to try a no download or Flash casino.

Mobile Casino Options

Mobile is becoming the platform of choice. We use our mobile devices everyday to communicate, entertain and educate ourselves. I know that I at least have my phone with me at all times, and often times my tablet, too.

And I’m not alone. Stats show that 1 in 5 own a cell phone, and 1 in 17 own a tablet. So, you could assume that 1 in 17 owns both.

The fact is, we’re leaving our computers by the wayside for the convenience of checking our email and playing casino games whenever we want. At one point it was estimated that by the end of 2013 the number of tablets in existence would outnumber humans.

With that in mind, I introduce our mobile section. Below you’ll find the 4 most popular brands (not specific devices). Choose yours, and find out options you have for mobile gambling.

iPad / iPhone Casinos – Any casino that offers a mobile app will have one for iOS. This page will explain what US-facing casinos have apps, what games you can play, and what alternatives you have for when apps don’t exist.

Android Casinos – Android apps are just as popular as Apple. This page will explain what casinos have Android apps, what games are out there, playing on a tablet vs. smart phone, and options for when apps don’t exist.

Windows Casinos – Few options exist for Windows. Read this page to learn what options you do have, and if you can expect to see a Windows casino app in the near future.

Blackberry Casinos – Like Windows devices, few apps exist for BlackBerry users. We cover what casino options you do have, whether or not an app will be developed in the future, and what you can do in the meantime.

Other Options

These are compatibility options that don’t quite fit in one of the categories above.

Flash Casinos – These casinos are simply no download casinos, with the exception that their games all run on Adobe Flash. This article explains why this is a good thing, how to get Adobe Flash and what alternatives you have if your computer cannot use it.

Java Casinos – Similar to Flash, some casinos use Java to power their games. You will need to have a free version of Java installed on your computer. That said, Flash is better supported and more common – so I would start with that page first, and only check out Java casinos if you cannot find a suitable (Flash) casino.

The Future of Casino Compatibility

Where is the future of casino compatibility headed?

My guess is HTML5, the new markup language. It’s been in development for the last few years now, and as of September 2011, 30 of the top 100 websites are already using it. And I expect this number to rise when the stable version is released by the end of 2014.

HTML5 is the future because it can handle more things, such as audio, video, 3D graphics and web apps. All without needing external software or apps, like Flash or Java.

My prediction is supported by all the new phones and tablets, too. All of them are dropping Flash in favor of supporting HTML5.

The only downside is that casinos aren’t working to integrate this new language with their casino games (that we know of). That’s unfortunate, because most devices nowadays simply aren’t compatible with Flash (even the new versions of Android or Windows), unless you find a workaround, which is either an additional browser, app or both.

Mobile and HTML5 compatibility is the way of the future – casinos need to jump on the wagon sooner than later, or else risk being left in the dust.