Amex Casinos Online

Chances are that you’ve heard of Amex.

To most they’re known as American Express, and they’re a multi-faced financial company specializing in credit cards, prepaid cards, business solutions and travel accommodations. They’ve been in business for more than 160 years, and during that time managed to position themselves in the top 25 most valuable companies in the world, valued at nearly $15 billion dollars.

We like Amex as a banking method because credit/debit cards are the easiest to use. You can punch in your details within seconds, and you’ll know within a minute or two if your transaction will clear. Then your funds will be available immediately for you to use.

The downside? Few US-facing casinos accept Amex. So you’re dead-set on using yours, your choices for where to play will be limited.

The best Amex casinos are listed below.

American Express Casinos

How to Bank with Amex

Depositing with Amex is straightforward. If you’ve ever purchased anything online, you’ll be familiar with the process.

It goes like this:

  • Log into the casino.
  • Click cashier.
  • Choose credit/debit, then choose American Express.
  • Enter your card number, expiration date, and the code on the back.
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Enter a code, if you have one (it’s optional).
  • Click submit.


You will know within minutes whether or not your deposit will go through.

Most casinos won’t charge fees for using your credit card. You’ll want to double check if your bank does, if that’s a concern for you.

One of the downsides to using American Express is that you won’t be able to use it for withdrawals. You’ll need to consider e-wallets, checks, wires or money transfers instead.

Is Amex the Best Deposit Option for Americans?

My opinion – no.

The problem with Amex is that few casinos accept it. All casinos accept Visa and MasterCard, though.

This severely limits what casinos you can join, and in turn what games you can play and the promotions you can participate in.

My recommendation is to use Visa or MasterCard (if you have them). It might be worthwhile to even open a new checking account, purely for obtaining a Visa or MasterCard (and a private gambling only account).

What About Legal Poker Sites? Do They Accept Amex?

Not yet. This could change in the near future, though.

Another idea is to use American Express to fund other options that are accepted in Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware. That includes e-wallets like Skrill, money transfers (Western Union), or to purchase Visa or MasterCard prepaid or gift cards, which you can find at any grocery, drug or convenience store.

Alternatives: Other Ways to Gamble Using American Express

Come hell or high water, you want to use your American Express card. I get it. You want to earn frequent flyer points for your next Vegas trip.

But how do you do it?

You have a few options. However, bear in mind that not all of them will be real gambling, nor will they all let you gamble for real money.

Casino and Poker Apps – One idea is to purchase gaming apps to play from your phone or tablet. You cannot play for real money, but assuming your phone goes where you do (which is the case for most people, I think), you’ll never be without your favorite table or slots game. Your budget will go much further compared to a casino, too, at $1-$3 per app.

To buy an app, just visit your brand’s app store or head to

Shop on Amazon – There are tons of casino related items you can buy from Amazon. Here are some ideas:

  • Casino chips, poker or blackjack table. Now you can host your own casino night (for real money even).
  • Buy a movie, such as Casino Royale, Casino or 21. Now you can have a movie date night with the missus.
  • Buy your own slot machine. You can buy a mini or full size version. Before you do, make sure the laws in your state say it’s ok.


Local Casino or Card Club – Stop by the casino and use your American Express card to pull some cash (just be aware that the rates will be ridiculous). Then head to your local casino or poker club and gamble there.

You can always fly to Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City, too. Then use your Amex to play whatever casino games you want.