Highest Paying Casinos

Are you ready for the truth?

The thing is, unless you study to become a great blackjack or poker player, you’re destined to lose money whenever you step foot in, or log onto, a casino.

Sure, you might win money during your visit. You might even be ‘up’ over the course of your lifetime.

But as all good gamblers know, the long term is what matters. And the long term math says most players – including you – are going to lose.

Ok, so why point that out?

Because even though you’re not going to beat the game(s), there are things you can do to reduce how much you lose each time you play a hand or round. Things like learning strategies, taking less risky gambles (such as red/black in roulette), or by playing games that have a lower house edge.

Another option is to find and join casinos that have the best payouts.

Highest Payout Casino FAQs: Beginners Ask & We Answer

The following are some common questions we receive about finding and playing at the highest payout casinos, and our answers.

What are casino payouts? How do the percentages work? What do they mean for me, or the casino?

Payouts are fixed numbers that machines are expect to pay out over it’s lifetime.

For example, if a machine has a 98.2 payout percentage, 98.2 cents of every dollars spent is expected to be returned to the customer. The rest goes to the casino as profit.

That may not sounds like a lot, but remember that millions of dollars are spent daily between live and online casinos. So that 2 cents profit adds up quick.

Also important to note is the fact that just because you’re expect to receive 98.2 cents back on every dollar you spend, doesn’t mean you’re going to get it back right away. In fact, when you spend a dollar, you’re either going to win (more) or lose it (all). There’s no halfway.

In fact, it’s possible to lose or win hundreds of dollars over the course of a few hours/days or hundreds of games/hands/spins. The true results of payout percentages don’t show themselves until you’re thousands/millions of spins/hands/games in.

Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of receiving a better or higher payout?

Yes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Select a higher payout casino from our list above.
  • Choose a game with a smaller house edge. This includes blackjack, poker, baccarat, pai gow and 3-card poker. Avoid slots and keno.
  • Choose bets with smaller house edges. For example, in craps it’s much better to take the pass/come or 6/8 bet, than it is to take the ‘any craps’ or 4/10 bet.
  • Learn strategy. Play games where how much you win/lose is determined by how good a player you are. In other words, learn when to double down, split and why insurance is a bad bet in blackjack.


Does how much I spend matter?


There can be a 5-10 percent difference between a low and high stakes slot machine. Playing higher will net you a better payout.

However, as pointed out on Vegas Click, if you’re managing a small bankroll, your hourly rate will be better if you worry less about the payout percentage, and instead focus on playing the smaller stakes. [1]

How come one casino can offer higher payouts than another?

A different machine (brick and mortar), or different skin, software, games, etc (online).

For brick and mortar casinos, often their percentages are determined by the laws in their state / country.

How are payout percentages enforced? How do I know they’re accurate?

Casino games are audited. They’re audited online to ensure that they’re fair (random), but also to see how well the games pay out, especially if the casino is licensed in a jurisdiction where that matters.

Brick and mortar casinos have state/county laws they need to abide by. So their numbers need to be accurate, or else they face consequences. Their machines are tested, and the numbers are often reported.

You can see payout percentages (for online casinos) at www.eCogra.org.

Do payout percentages really matter?

At the end of the day?

Not a heck of a lot, no.

The thing is, even if a casino pays back 95 percent, that doesn’t mean you’re going to walk away with $95 after playing a $100 bill. Chances are that you’ll lose your money.

So I would focus a lot less on the payout, and keep in mind the game you’re playing, and how much money you have. If you want to prolong your bankroll, you’re much better off playing lower denominations, and games with lower house edges, like blackjack or pai gow poker.

You can eliminate the casino edge altogether by playing poker. But that’s a topic for another day.